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Sazae Pty Ltd

Cap Do, Sazae of Australia become a group company -A stepping stone to win the world’s No. 1 in Cybozu-related business-

Cap Do is developing a consulting business centring on cloud tools related to Cybozu, such as kintone, to support business improvements.
The vision is (or It’s our desire) to “Become a supporter of small and medium-sized enterprises and to promote growth together” We currently have over 400 consulting records nationwide, helping businesses across various industries such as IT, professionals, universities, medical and food manufacturing.

Aiming to become the world’s No.1 in Cybozu-related business, Cap Do has formed a strategic business alliance with Australia based IT company – Sazae., a system development specialist with a vision is to provide cutting-edge & high technology to SMEs.

With this group company formation, Cap Do will invest in Sazae and strengthen its functions as a team through capital and business partnerships. Specifically, we will expand Cap Do’s services and technologies outside Japan through Sazae. Together we aim to acquire the world’s No.1 in Cybozu-related business as the Cap Do Group.

As a stepping stone to becoming No.1 in the world, we target to become No.1 in sales and customer satisfaction in Cybozu-related businesses in Japan and across the Asia/Oceania region.

Comment from the Representative

“Cap Do Co. Ltd” Representative Director: Morita Koki

The capital and business alliance with Sazae will be our stepping stone to the world’s No.1 in the Cybozu related business. We will “walk together” as our group philosophy, walk with companies around the world, and develop “business improvement” in Japan as “GYOMU KAIZEN”.

Sazae and Cap Do are family and siblings. The team will continue to support business improvement in the Japan area and the world’s “GYOMU KAIZEN”.

“Sazae Pty Ltd” Representative Director : Mizoshiri Ayumi

The first time I met Koki was back at “Cybozu Days 2019”. At that time, We’ve discussed various things, such as Cap Do’s desire to expand overseas and whether Sazae can contribute to achieving the goal
Through this capital and business alliance, Sazae will be able to concentrate its core strength – IT development. In the future, we would like to become an advocate for Cap Do Group and to promote its services to our clients across the Australian and Japanese market.

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About Cap Do

Established March 8, 2016. A business improvement consulting business using cloud tools such as Cybozu kintone. Currently, there are over 400 consulting companies nationwide. As a supporter of small and medium-sized enterprises that occupy most of the domestic corporations, we would like to facilitate business improvement and grow together with these SME businesses. In addition, we’ve pledged to “contribute 1% of our profits to Kumamoto’s Reconstruction Support,” which has been ongoing since the company was formed. We are also making an effort to contribute to the local area of Kumamoto.

About Sazae

Established in 2015. Based in Asia and Oceania, we have a team of IT specialists including consultants, business strategists, UI/UX designers and architects to support businesses through evaluating their digital presence, identify areas for growth, and improve efficiencies. The name of the company comes from the turban shell, A shell with about 5 spirals and is considered a symbol of great defence, a good luck charm for our business.

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Cap Do Co., Ltd: https://capdo-jp.com/
Kumamoto Ken Kumamoto Shi Higashi-ku, Sakuragi 4-1-48
Kogusu Building 102

Representative Director and President: Koki Morita
Public Relations E-mail:[email protected]

Sazae Pty Ltd:https://sazae.com.au/
Suite 3, Ground Floor, 131 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW, 2000

Representative Director and President: Ayumi Mizoshiri
Public Relations E-mail: [email protected]

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