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Drupal & Web Development

Drupal is well-known for its flexibility, extend ability, and security. Whenever you think about customizing, having some specific functions, or doing any innovative things with your website, Drupal is the first and foremost CMS that enters our mind.

With a wealth of experience in Drupal projects, we commit productive and reliable Drupal Development Solutions

We have worked extensively with Drupal, mainly Drupal 7 and recently Drupal 8. Until now, we've built a variety of Drupal projects of all types - creating 30+ Drupal Themes, developing lost of Drupal modules, and building a number of Drupal websites from small businesses to universities, corporations, etc.

Our Drupal Development Services

Drupal Website Development

Have a website to build? We can help create a full function website starting from an idea. Based on our project management process, we’ll analyze and discuss with you to bring the best solution. This is followed by designing, developing, testing, and deploying your Drupal site.

Drupal CMS Customisation

We are happy to do any changes to your existing features, or extending your CMS’ functionality to a higher level that suits your purpose.

Drupal Theming (Design & Development)

Drupal Theming has been our strength. We have years of in-depth experience with theme design & development. If you need a brand-new template that embraces the attractive design feel and integrates up-to-date technologies, leave it for our team of experienced designers, front-ends, and back-ends

Drupal Module Development

We help you develop or customise an existing module that fits your website’s direction.

Drupal SEO assistance

Having a website SEO friendly to be able to get to the top of search engines is the goal of most website administrators. We help get your website well optimized, and fix SEO issues that affects your website ranking.

Drupal Maintenance & Support

Maintenance should never been neglected. We help you with this job, checking all the important matters to make sure your Drupal projects up to best status.

Drupal Migration & Upgrades

We have experience upgrading your Drupal to the newer version, or move from another CMS to Drupal

Drupal Projects

Super Review
Super Review is Australia's leading source of news and analysis for the superannuation, insurance and institutional investment industries.
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Money Management
Money Management provides accurate and informative editorial coverage of the Australian financial services and investment management sectors.
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A site for booking flights and tours from Vietnam to Palau
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FST Media
FST Media produces successful technology events and industry insights for financial services and government sectors across Asia Pacific.
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Our Drupal Team

Ayumi Mizoshiri
Founder / Managing Director

Working IT industry more the 15 years and I found several Startups in Australia & Japan.

Logan Chiang

Worked for IT company for many years and has experience in manufacture/factory industry.

Hai Nguyen
Team Lead
Drupal Lead Developer Success in 60+ projects, 40+ drupal 7 themes, 20+ drupal 8 themes from 1/4/2014.
Thong Le
Senior Drupal Developer

Completed 10+ small to complex PHP/JS projects, and looking to improve with new project challenges.

Kim Bui
Senior Full-Stack Developer

5-year experiences with PHP, JS, MySQL; 5-year experience with Drupal CMS; 1-year experienced with WordPress, Magento; experienced with developing web app using HTML/CSS/JS, jQuery, Angular 4, Codovar, and Ionic, NodeJS.

Tri Nguyen
Senior Front-End Developer

Become a top-level front end developer in 5 years. Completed front-end sections of over 30 Drupal themes and custom projects.

Thuong Nguyen
Data Analyst

6 year+ experience in web app, mobile app testing, business analysis Keep to learn and quick learner

Ha Nguyen
Quality Control & Tester

4 year+ experience in web app testing, managing & supporting QC team works. Activeness, self-motivator. Flexible, sociable and friendly