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Centralized management of all customer-related operations

The system enables centralized management of all customer-related operations, including marketing, sales, and customer service.
It integrates data and tools from various departments, allowing for real-time sharing of detailed customer information.

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Automation of marketing operations

The system automates marketing activities from lead generation to customer acquisition, supporting efficient marketing operations. This allows marketers to focus on tasks that directly contribute to sales rather than mundane tasks, thereby improving operational efficiency.

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Integration with external third parties

The platform supports integration with many external tools, enhancing efficiency by working in conjunction with existing business tools.

This integration ensures that customer and transaction data are synchronized in real-time, leading to smoother business operations

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Enhancement of customer satisfaction

The system features a precise organization tool for inquiries and requests from customers, enabling timely and appropriate customer support. Additionally, the implementation of customer service bots and workflow designs allows for the automation of tasks, further enhancing operational efficiency.

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All phases of implementation, development, operation and maintenance can be handled

  • Not very good at attracting and managing customers.
  • I don’t know how to collect data or analyse the purchasing process after opening a shop.
  • Want to utilise social media such as Facebook and Instagram but don’t know what to do?
  • Design and build large-scale CMS projects, CRM and SFA.
  • Organising upstream requirements, creating design documents, documenting operational plans
    Global support, building multilingual websites
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