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We are a boutique team of IT consultants, business strategists, UI/UX designers and architects that work to assess your digital presence, identify areas for growth and improve efficiencies. It’s our mission to establishing long-lasting business partnerships by providing customised technology and digital solutions tailored to your business goals.



The straight translation for Sazae is Turbo Cornutus. A species of sea snail that can be found around the Japanese islands from Honshu to Kyushu and Okinawa. Their shell has about five spirals and is considered a symbol of great defence, a good luck charm for our business.

Consulting & System Development


If you run a business, it is almost a given that your business needs technology, whether to expand  your business to the market. We could provide what you need and how the technology improves your business. Consulting, System and Helpdesk services work for you to bring the next steps!

Our Blog

The app Sazae developed has been awarded 2 Awards!! The History Council NSW/Macquarie-PHA Applied History Award & National Trust NSW Heritage Awards

We are excited to announce that Cowra Voices has been awarded the Oral History NSW Community History Award 2020 and it was covered by Cowra Guardian. Cowra Voices also received an Honourable Mention in The History Council NSW/Macquarie-PHA Applied History […]

We’ve launched the new kintone plugin website – kaizen-kintone-plugins.com

We’ve launched the new kintone plugin website with Capdo These plugins support both environments(cybozu.co.jp and kintone.com) We will keep adding new plugins and JavaScript. Please give us any feedback or requests for plugins or JavaScript or this site. The official […]

We’ve just launched Mum’s Home Delivery website!

                   Mum’s Home Delivery is an online service by Mum’s Food Corporation Pty Ltd. A range of fresh foods including meats, seafood, vegetables and sweets now can be delivered to your home […]

CapDo & Sazae have launched “kintone Start Dash Program”

Based on these consultations over a 4 year period, we have found more than 500 companies faced with difficulties after kintone was introduced to them. Most companies have agreed that kintone was integrated into their businesses initially relatively hassle-free, however, […]

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