IT Consulting/Software Development
Supports Startups/Corporates in Australia, Taiwan & Japan

We are specialised Factory IT consulting, Applications developments,
Consulting Startups in Australia, Taiwan & Japan.

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What we practically do is pretty simple but in the same time incredibly complex and professional. Create your website in minutes

Web/Mobile Development

Web & Mobile Development, iPhone Application, Wordpress, Drupal, E-commerce Development, CRM, EPR, Responsive Website

Strategy & Consulting

Our strategy services provide customized, digital solutions to you into an industry leader.

PC Supports/Network

Setting up ADSL/Optical Fibre  in your office, POS system, Security camera , PC Supports, configure network devices and VPN to Japan/Australia.

Online Marketing

Our specialized marketing teams work to increase your conversions, repeat traffic, and expand your online visibility.

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We’re a small, friendly and talented team. Each of us spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience

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