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Concerns for older versions of Drupal

While Drupal 9 is scheduled to be released in June 2020, Drupal 8 to-date is the most significant update in Drupal’s history. Over 40,000 modules with new features already created to extend Drupal’s core functionality, businesses who have persisted with Drupal 7 and older versions are currently facing these problems:

  • Anxious about the lack of security updates & ability to protecting data
  • Performance of core system gradually declining
  • Shortage of discussions & support resulting in an increase in tech expenditure
  • Coding hand over and collaboration consistently an issue
  • Outdated SEO modules failing to provide holistic insights for the marketing team
  • Maintenance and staff training costs spiralling out of control
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Due to lack of support and resources, there are a lot of risks and inefficiencies to remain on older versions of Drupal. At Sazae, we have worked extensively with Drupal across SMEs in multiple industries including media, finance, education and retail. Our wealth of experience in Drupal projects allows us to create a more flexible platform that is better suited to your business process and needs. Alternatively, if your business foundation is already built on Drupal, our consultants can carry out an extensive evaluation to recommend areas for improvement.

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