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Want to get a CRM/SaaS from ServiceNow? Sazae is here to help!

ServiceNow can accelerate your business digital transformation, make use of IT power to simplify the workflows to improve productivity and satisfaction. Sazae can help with your solution with ServiceNow and tackle your unique challenges.

Simplify your business process

IT workflows

ServiceNow unleash the power of IT, improve the productivity on a single platform. The digital workflow can transform your business, help you to manage risk, cost and security.

Increase the productivity

Employee workflows

Make information and operations available and all in one place for employee. An intelligent environment can improve the work experience and retain employee. The work will become flexible and efficient.

Inspire customer loyalty

Customer workflows

ServiceNow can help with optimising customer services. The cloud solution will integrate the workflows in the customer service operations and give the customers what they need in a way they like.

Enable speed delivery

Creator workflows

Modular building blocks that ServiceNow provided can deliver powerful applications that suit your need fast. We can help to deliver what customers need and make applications, systems and data all connected in the workflows.

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Sazae can provide services with the ServiceNow solution and help you to achieve business success.