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Announcement of HubSpot Gold Partner Certification

Announcement of HubSpot Gold Partner Certification

We are proud to announce that in April 2024, our company was certified as a Gold Partner of HubSpot, Inc., the provider of the all-in-one CRM platform “HubSpot”, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and listed on the NYSE. This certification marks the fastest in the history of the Japanese market for any partner to achieve this status.


HubSpot is one of the largest all-in-one platforms in the world, enabling centralized management of marketing, sales, and customer service. Amidst a chronic labour shortage in many Japanese companies, utilizing HubSpot allows for enhanced employee productivity and automation of routine tasks.


Our Journey as a HubSpot Partner

Through our partnership with HubSpot, we have supported the implementation of marketing automation tools for numerous companies both domestically and internationally. We prioritize the efficiency of digital marketing and the optimization of return on investment, contributing significantly to the revenue growth of our client companies.


New Initiatives as a Gold Partner

With our new status as a Gold Partner, we can now provide more advanced customization services and specialized support. We are committed to using the latest HubSpot features to support our client companies in their digital transformation efforts.


Future Prospects

We will continue to improve our services through closer collaboration with HubSpot. We promise to leverage HubSpot’s powerful tools to continually provide optimal solutions tailored to our clients.


For more information about our HubSpot implementation and operation services, please visit:



This Gold Partner certification represents a significant milestone for our company. We look forward to growing together with our clients and partner companies. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and patronage.

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