Let’s Work Together

An exciting new business alliance with Power Solutions!

Sazae Pty Ltd (“Sazae”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a capital and business alliance (the “Alliance”) with Power Solutions Inc (“Power Solutions”) as of today, and will commence collaboration under the Alliance on April 2023.

In the APAC region, including Japan and Australia, Sazae is a leading provider for a variety of IT related services, such as DX consulting, business applications, mobile applications, SaaS service implementation and corporate website marketing. Specifically, we strive to resolve our customers’ DX and business challenges by providing them with cutting-edge SaaS services that are ahead of their counterparts overseas.

With its proven track record in the Japanese market, Power Solutions is known for providing last-mile solutions that enable customers to respond swiftly to management and business transformations. By collaborating extensively with Power Solutions in this alliance, Sazae will incorporate SaaS know-how from overseas markets into Power Solutions’ services and accelerate the realisation of DX for our customers.

We will also actively partake in the field of global resource management, including the exchange of human resources between Australia and Japan. This collaboration will allow us to nurture the upcoming generation of IT personnel, preparing them to venture abroad and to take on the challenge of working overseas.

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