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CapDo & Sazae have launched “kintone Start Dash Program”

Based on these consultations over a 4 year period, we have found more than 500 companies faced with difficulties after kintone was introduced to them. Most companies have agreed that kintone was integrated into their businesses initially relatively hassle-free, however, maximising its benefits was later found to be an issue. 

As we thought about the causes, we found that support in the initial stage of kintone introduction is very important, and we decided to develop a “kintone Start Dash Program” to overcome the issues that have become apparent.  Our intuition was later proven to be correct.

With the availability of customer support throughout Japan, we have decided to launch the “kintone Start Dash Program” in  August 2020.

Our number one recommendation is the “Special Dash Course” (costs $650) that supports the creation of up to 5 apps. Based on our experience supporting the introduction of kintone to more than 350 companies so far, we feel that we can quickly get the business operation on track by firmly creating 5 apps at the initial stage of implementation.


“kintone Start Dash Program” Course Contents

[Program Outline]

* We develop with our customers.
* It is a development with the standard function of kintone.
* Consultation is available only through chat and online meeting tools.
* Please pay in advance

[Small Dash Course]

* Number of apps: up to 2
* Cost: $200 
* Online face-to-face development 1 time
* Period: Within 2 hours a day

(1hour free consultation after adjusting the date and time)

[Middle Dash Course]

* Number of apps: up to 5
* Cost: $450
* Online face-to-face development 2 times
* Duration: 2 days within 2 hours each

(1hour free consultation after adjusting the date and time)

[Special Dash Course]

* Number of apps: up to 5
* Cost: $650
* Online face-to-face development 3 times
* kintone application block diagram creation
* Setting support for kintone linked tools (up to 2 tools)
* Duration: 3 days within 2 hours each

(1hour free consultation and adjustment after the date and time)

Other Course Contents

[kintone Consulting]

* Cost: $500/month
* 2 hours free consultation
* Business design consulting utilizing kintone
* kintone application block diagram creation

[kintone Development]

* Development cost: From $2,000 
* kintone development
* kintone introduction support
* kintone cooperation tool setting support

[Post-Development Support]

* Cost: $500/month
* kintone operation support


[About kintone]

kintone is a cloud-type business application creation provided by Cybozu, Inc. The main feature is that users can easily create a business system called “apps”, and they can be freely customized to suit their business and application.

The advantages of kintone are that you can customise applications that are optimal for your business, such as information sharing for each project so that your work-related information is always up-to-date. 

[About Cap Do]

Established March 8, 2016. A business improvement consulting business using cloud tools such as Cybozu Kintone. Currently, there are over 400 consulting companies nationwide. As a supporter of small and medium-sized enterprises that occupy most of the domestic corporations, we would like to facilitate grow together in terms of business improvement and grow together with these SME businesses. In addition, we’ve pledged to contribute 1% of our profits to Kumamoto’s Reconstruction Support which has been ongoing since the company was formed., We are also making an effort to contribute to the local area of Kumamoto.

[About Sazae]

Established in 2015. Based in Asia and Oceania, we have a team of IT specialists including consultants, business strategists, UI/UX designers and architects to support businesses through evaluating their digital presence, identify areas for growth, and improve efficiencies. The name of the company comes from the turban shell, A shell with about 5 spirals and is considered a symbol of great defence, a good luck charm for our business.

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